• The best dentistry can offer
  • Results nearing perfection
  • Strong and stain resistant
  • Preserves healthy tooth structure
  • Beautiful natural look and feel
  • 10 year life expectancy

About Veneers

If you suffer from stained, discoloured teeth, chipping, cracks, worn teeth or gaps, veneers are an effective and durable cosmetic solution that will give you something to smile about. A common and popular treatment for cosmetic imperfections amongst celebrities, veneers are a custom crafted, very thin facing that is bonded permanently to the front of your teeth to change their colour and shape. Veneers are usually made of either porcelain or composite resin and cover the front of the tooth to enhance both the colour and shape.

The treatment includes a very thin outer layer of the tooth being removed so the veneer can be precisely fitted on the tooth to align with the gum line and surrounding teeth. The result is a strong restoration that provides a natural appearance for both the colour and shape of your teeth.

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your teeth and would like to explore how veneers can assist in improving your appearance veneers may be the solution for you.  To find out more, call our friendly team to arrange a consultation with one of our experienced dentists.


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