The Smile Makeover
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Together with MiFund, Dental Lounge have made cosmetic dentistry even more accessible and affordable, giving everyone the chance to look like an A-list celebrity.


Your smile is your greeting card, it is one of the first and most important things people notice about you when they meet you. The way you greet people, in particular your smile, is a reflection of many important things in your life such as your happiness, self-confidence, self-esteem or even strength of character.

The social media driven society we live in is consciously beauty-driven, saturated with ‘perfect aesthetics’ which once was only advertised by the A-listers or Hollywood scene. When it comes to improving or enhancing your oral health, vanity no longer important as we are all seeking perfection and it now, more than ever, is so readily available.

Dentists used to be known for ‘fixing’ your teeth but now with cosmetic dentistry are revolutionising the industry by enhancing and improving the appearance of smiles.

Smile makeovers can now be done from just a single visit up to few months using various tools, treatments plans and procedures that fall under  ‘cosmetic dentistry‘.  Individual teeth can be bleached and/ or whitened, straightened or change their angled, lengthened or shortened using dental veneers,  gums can be lifted using the latest laser technology and close opened spaces and correct chipped places with relative ease using various orthodontic aligners procedures.

At Dental Lounge, we always provide free initial consults for cosmetic work and offer competitive repayment plans making the perfect smile affordable to anyone.

If you are interested in cosmetic dentistry yet not been game enough to book a consult, scared by the price tag, have a play with the online loan repayment calculator MiFund have online (our preferred dental finance provider).

Give us a call to discuss further or book your free consult; (02) 9247 8989.

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