That Hollywood Smile Secret!
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That Hollywood smile not so best kept secret!

The reality is most actors and pop stars have had cosmetic help to look as polished and symmetrically perfect as they do, especially when it comes to their teeth.


The below before and after images of our favourite celebs are great examples of the wonders veneers can do and have done for celebrities who have make looking perfect seem effortless.
If you have chipped and discoloured teeth, veneers offer a natural-looking quick result. Veneers are also suitable if your teeth are gappy or crowded instead of waiting months or years like you would with braces.


Having veneers fitted is a simple process (similar to having false nails) where your dentist gently sands down some of the enamel on the outside of your natural teeth, creating room to attach the veneers which are then bonded to your teeth.

Veneers can help you if you have:

* Chipped or cracked teeth
* Discoloured teeth
* Minor misalignment of teeth
* Crowding, or gaps between teeth


Not only will you have the perfect smile but porcelain veneers don’t stain like tooth enamel, so you can enjoy your red wine & coffee guilt free.

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