Teeth Whitening Sydney

Why Choose us for Teeth Whitening?

  • Safe and effective teeth whitening Sydney

  • Fast: 1 hour appointment

  • Optional take home trays and bleach for top ups for $100 extra.

About Teeth Whitening

After trying all the bleaching systems we have decided that Zoom whitespeed is the most effective by far. We offer Zoom whitespeed at Sydney’s most competitive price.

The in-office Zoom teeth whitening procedure is a fast and highly effective method for getting that bright smile you always wanted. Before the procedure begins, your dentist will explain in detail any risks involved in the whitening process. You will be recommended to have a your teeth scaled and polished before whitening to remove any tarter and surface stains. At this point, the colour of your teeth will be recorded.

The whitening procedure begins by the dentist applying a protective gel to your lips and gums while a cheek retractor is used to keep your soft tissues away from the whitening gel. After 15minutes the gel is washed off and the procedure is repeated two more times.

The light activated tooth whitening gel is the product of extensive research and can lighten your teeth up to 6 shades lighter in about an hour. The effectiveness is based on the pH balanced hydrogen peroxide which works to help remove visible stains. The hydrogen peroxide removes visible stains without damaging or altering the tooth structure and has been shown to be safe you use in the mouth.

You will also be given instructions on what is recommended to eat and drink for the first 24hours after whitening. When time is a factor, in-office Zoom whitening may be for you.



Zoom in chair: $545 pre-paid, $595 pay on the day

Prices vary between various dentists based on

  • The type of material that has been supplied (hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide)
  • The concentration of the material provided
    (2% all the way to 35%)
  • The number of tubes that has been provided for home whitening
  • The number of cycles in office whitening (one cycle to 4 cycles)

Don’t be fooled with cheap prices. There are always hidden charges when you actually get the procedure done.

Also it is always safer to have a dentist do your whitening (especially the office whitening) as in the dental practice we protect your gums and other tissues such as cheeks and lips from being burned. People who claim to do whitening and are not dental professionals can cause serious damage. There have been multiple cases of severe burns with whitening when not carried out by a dentist.

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