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Ozone has a wide variety of uses in dentistry. Ozone’s strongest capability is in it’s anti-bacterial affects. One of the biggest challenges faced in dentistry every day is in dealing with bacteria in the mouth. Ozone gives us a huge advantage in this constant battle.

For example, following an extraction ozone is used to flush out the extraction socket of bacteria, minimising the risk of painful complications such as an infection and a dry socket. Ozone is also used in other surgical procedures such as implant placement and bone grafting to minismise infections.

Ozone is also used in our restorative work. During fillings and crowns following remove of decayed portions of tooth, ozone is used to attack the remaining microbes. This ensures crowns and fillings are placed on clean tooth structure.

We use ozone to clean and disinfect roots during root canal therapy. Root canal therapies can be difficult to disinfect at the best of times. Ozone provides us another avenue of removing microbes from deep inside the tooth roots that are not visible to the naked eye or under a microscope.

Ozone is also used as an additive disinfectant for the practice.

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