Technology & Success Rates


Root canal therapy is an intricate and delicate procedure that requires excellent clinical skills and the very latest technology to achieve great success rates.

At Dental Lounge we pride ourselves on having the latest root canal therapy technology.

We use microscopes to be able to see your teeth and roots at magnification up to 20x. Additionally, hand files are used in conjunction with a rotary motor to achieve the desired results at a more efficient pace.

Ozone is used to disinfectant the roots along with lasers to ensureĀ  remaining bacteria are treated with different modalities.

All the technology allows us to achieve more successful results with less chair time.

As a general rule, root canal therapy success rates are around 80-90%. Some teeth that have had root canal therapies do not respond to the treatment, this is most likely due to cracks in the roots or the strength and persistence of the original infective bacteria.

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