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Dr Mathew Ramzy initially completed his undergraduate studies in pharmacy at the University of Sydney. After some years as a pharmacist in various fields of the industry, he then decided to complete a Doctor of Dental Medicine, also at the University of Sydney.

During his studies, Dr Ramzy completed various elective units in different fields of Dentistry. His interests include surgical, restorative, prosthetic and rehabilitative Dentistry, with a particular love for ceramic.

Dr Ramzy has a passion for treating nervous patients and those with Dental anxiety. He believes that every patient has a comfort zone within which they are happy to be treated and prides himself on routinely maintaining patient comfort as the equal most important element of treatment.

Dr Ramzys philosophy is that Oral health is an essential part of overall health and takes pride in helping patients enjoy the simple pleasures of laughing, smiling and eating through employing a holistic approach in all of his practices of Dentistry.

In his spare time, Dr Ramzy is a functional- fitness enthusiast and has performed at a competitive level. Outside of his training, he enjoys travelling and spending time with his family, friends and animals.

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