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Principal Dentist

Dr. Gamer Verdian studied Medical Science at the University of NSW after which he completed his Bachelor of Dentistry degree at the University of Sydney on a sports scholarship for Basketball.

Gamer is an avid believer in Microscope Enhanced Dentistry. He has completed numerous post graduate courses in Micro-Dentistry and is in an elite and cutting edge frontier for the use of an operating microscope for all dental procedures. He has been personally revolutionising Microscope Enhanced Dentistry in Australia and has paved a path for others to follow.

Gamer unequivocally believes in having the best ‘eyes’ in the business to provide his patients with the highest level of attention to detail. This allows him to provide world-class results for all aspects of dentistry, particularly his areas of expertise in Cosmetic, Implant and Laser dentistry.

Gamer’s easy going nature, patience and dedication to his work, and a gentle hand are all necessary for providing patients with an easy, painless and enjoyable dental experience. He has made a name for himself amongst our most nervous patients for his kind nature and ability to help relieve dental anxiety and provide gentle dental care.

Gamer has a pronounced dedication to continued education. He has travelled to the USA, Japan and Europe and completed numerous hours of postgraduate courses to improve the care he provides his patients.

Gamer has been very busy expanding his family these last few years and will soon have his own basketball team.

When away from work, Gamer is almost always on a basketball court or keeping an active and fit lifestyle.

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