Take-home Whitening

  • Special Offer for May only – $299 for take home Zoom teeth whitening kits

  • If you prefer the flexibility of whitening your teeth at home, your dentist can create a custom made kit for you to use at your convenience.

    Just wear the trays for 15-30min every day for up to 10 days depending on the formula your dentist has recommended. And don’t worry if you miss a day, you can start and stop your whitening program to accommodate your busy schedule.

Studies show that  most people see whiter teeth after 3 nights of using whitening at home.  However, some patients can take longer to whiten.  You can store any remaining gel in the refrigerator for future touch ups, but do not freeze.  Some patients may experience an increase in sensitivity to cold during the whitening process, however this is often mild.  The symptoms should subside in 2 to 3 days after interrupting the treatment.  You can then try whitening every second or third night.

For all whitening methods, try to minimise the consumption of tea, coffee, red wine and smoking, as these substances may re-stain the teeth during and after the whitening process.  If you are pregnant or breast feeding, it is not recommended that you use any whitening products.  Contact your dentist if you have any questions.


Take Home whitening $350 or $100 with Zoom

We recommend you avoid any foods and drinks that would stain a white shirt for the duration of the bleaching process and the following 48 hours. A comprehensive list will be provided to you during your appointment.

The results are similar to in-office bleaching, however it takes longer to achieve these results.

There should be next to no pain during home whitening. Your teeth will likely be sensitive for the duration of whitening and 1-2 days following cessation. Once you have stopped whitening your teeth they will return to normal within 48 hours.

You wear your bleaching trays for approximately 30-60 minutes each day. The usual amount of days we recommend is 1-2 weeks depending on how white your teeth are getting.

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