Same Day Dental Implants


  • Only one surgical appointment
  • Usually less invasive surgery
  • Allows for better gum tissue management and a more aesthetic final result
  • Normally, no need for injections after the first appointment

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

Same Day Implants

When a tooth or teeth are lost, the bone and gums supporting them begin to waste away immediately. The longer you wait the more tissue is lost, increasing the complexity of the surgery and reducing the success rate and so it is normally best to replace teeth that need to be extracted as soon as possible with dental implants. Where the tooth is removed and the implant placed at the same appointment is known as immediate placement.

As implant surface technology and surgical techniques improve, we no longer need to cover the implants with gum and wait for several months before we attach a tooth. Depending on the quality of your bone, we can often give you a tooth directly attached to your new implant on the day of implant placement. This is known as immediate loading.

The immediate provisional tooth is left on for three months, after which we replace it with a long-term ceramic restoration.


Teeth in a day $1300-1800 More Info

During your consultation your dentist will assess your bone levels, gum levels and aesthetics required for your implant. They will then inform you if same day implants can be placed.

Not if we can help it. At Dental Lounge, we understand the psychological impact of having a missing tooth and will always strive to provide you with a provisional but natural looking tooth as soon as possible. With the long-term success of your treatment always in mind, we will attach your provisional tooth directly to your new implant.

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