Root Canal
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Root Canal

ROOT CANAL therapy is a procedure in which the infected or necrotic pulp and canals inside a tooth is treated to eliminate microbes and eliminate symptoms such as pain, swelling or tooth discolouration.

Why do I need a root canal?

There are a number of reasons why a root canal might be necessary to save a tooth. The most common reasons are tooth decay and trauma.

When a tooth is affected by decay the microbes infiltrate and penetrate through the tooth enamel and dentine and, in some instances, can reach the dental pulp which becomes infected and necrotic.

If a tooth experiences significant trauma, the dental pulp can sometimes become inflamed and become necrotic. This also leads to the subsequent infection of the dental pulp.

If left untreated an infected pulp, which is comprised of nerves, blood vessels and other cells, can lead to pain, swelling and tooth discolouration and can spread to the bone causing other serious conditions such as abscesses, bone and tooth resorption or generalised infection and inflammation.

What is involved?

ROOT CANAL therapy is normally completed over two or three comfortable, virtually pain-free appointments in which the infected pulp is removed, the pulp chamber and root canals are cleaned, disinfected and shaped using files and anti-microbial agents, then filled to protect the tooth from future re-infection. After a root canal treatment is completed a crown is often required to seal the tooth and prevent the tooth from fracture. In between appointments, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory agents are placed inside the tooth canal to continue disinfection, encourage healing and ease symptoms.

A small proportion of patients may experience some sensitivity in-between or after appointments. Our dentists are able to provide you with the appropriate medications and advice to minimise the impact this has on your day to day life. Many of our patients go right back to work after our appointments without any issues and some feel even better than when they first come in, as the treatment works to address the cause of their pain.

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