Pain Free Dentistry


Pain Free dentistry is what every dentist tries to achieve. Unfortunately the mouth is a difficult and invasive area to work. As a consequence discomfort is inevitable. At Dental Lounge we pride ourselves on being at the fore front of dentistry in the alleviation of pain and discomfort and the anxiety associated with both.

About Pain Free Dentistry

We strive to make your visit pain-free and as comfortable as possible.

At Dental Lounge we offer:

  • Caring and understanding staff
  • Happy gas (Nitrous Oxide) is available
  • We also use numbing gel and the ‘Wand’ instead of standard needles
  • Laser dentistry no-drill options
  • Oral sedation
  • Sleep/twilight dentistry (otherwise known as I.V. sedation, administered by a qualified medical doctor)


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