Nervous Patients Experience


We have come to realise that many patients aren’t thrilled about dental treatment. We have made it one of our areas of expertise in treating nervous and anxious patients.

We make every effort to make our patients feel comfortable at the ‘Lounge’ and we spare no expense in acquiring the latest pain-free dental technology.

Our dentists are specially trained to help our nervous patients achieve the oral health and smiles they have been dreaming of, but have been too scared to take the first step.

We also offer many relaxation options such as happy gas, twilight sedation and the ‘green whistle’.

Read some of our testimonials below:

‘I spent my whole life being afraid of seeing a dentist after a few bad experiences as a child. I was nervous and crying in the waiting room prior to my appointment. The moment I met Dr Verdian and witnessed his kind nature I felt much more at ease. I was able to fix 10 years of neglect in 2 visits where I had twilight sedation and couldn’t remember thing. Dr Verdian finally gave me a reason to smile again’.


‘The whole team at Dental Lounge were so comforting from the start. They never allowed my anxiety to get out of control as I feel well looked after from the moment I entered the practice till the moment I left. I can’t thank them enough from getting me through this’.


‘If you have any nervousness about seeing a dentist, go see these guys. They really are well equipped and have the latest technology, that helped me get through my appointments with ease. I actually consider myself cured of the crippling fear I had of seeing dentists’.


‘I have never met such a nice and endearing team of professionals. The person at the front desk went out of her way to make sure I was ok and comfortable in the waiting room. I was put to sleep and had my treatment done in what appeared to be a flash. I’ve been recommending them to my friends and family since’.


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