Invisalign Braces

Once the domain of the schoolchild, orthodontic treatment has become a permanent and achievable solution for crowded and poorly aligned teeth in adults. A viable and aesthetic alternative to braces or veneers, Invisalign helps to straighten the teeth using a series of clear removable plastic aligners.


Invisalign in Sydney Clinics

Dental Lounge offers Invisalign to Sydney patients as an alternative to traditional braces. A free consultation helps us to determine what specific goals and outcomes you would like from the course of treatment.

In our modern, relaxed dental Clinic, patients can obtain a healthy smile via our general and cosmetic dental procedures. Our current technology and friendly service enable us to act as a comforting general and cosmetic dentist in Sydney.

Invisalign straightening is usually achieved in about 8-12 months but can be faster in simpler cases. Your individual case is mapped from start to finish by 3D software so you can visualise the outcome before it has happened and modify the treatment as it is happening.

To learn more about our Invisalign Sydney procedures, dental veneers Sydney, dental implants Sydney, or the cosmetic and emergency dentist Sydney trusts, call Dental Lounge Macquarie Street (02 9247 8989) or Hunters Hill practice (02 9817 8944)today.


Invisalign Treatment

The treatment involves changing the custom aligners at approximately two week intervals. Each set of aligners gently moves the teeth into their predetermined positions. During the first few days of wearing a new set, they may feel ‘tight’, but generally Invisalign is a comfortable alternative to braces.


The obvious advantage of the Invisalign system is cosmetic. The aligners are transparent and practically invisible compared to their metallic traditional counterparts. The aligners are worn all the time except during cleaning and eating. This is beneficial to the patient because it enables optimal oral hygiene during the treatment phase.

Why Choose us?

Invisalign is not for everyone. Severe skeletal malocclusions or extremely complicated dental malocclusions may be best suited to traditional surgical and/or orthodontic alignment. The consultation stage allows the dentists at the Dental Lounge to honestly and realistically determine if Invisalign in Sydney is right for you.


Our experienced dentists only provide orthodontic care in Sydney clinics when it is suitable for the patient. Our experience as a general and cosmetic dentist in Sydney enables Dental Lounge to provide personalised dental care in all areas of dentistry.


Whatever treatment you require, your options will be presented to you in a caring, open manner with your needs and wants at the forefront of any treatment plan. Costs will be fully explained prior to treatment as we address your oral health, function and appearance. 

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