Hashtag #Raw #Diet
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Hashtag #Raw #Diet

Most of us have tried, if not dabbled in the raw diet, driven by the end goal to look and feel better, be healthier, more energised and ultimately have that ‘inner glow’.

Eating raw brings many long and short term gains though stained teeth is often a issue for people on the diet who end up looking for solutions to brighten their teeth blaming the diet for the discolouring of their teeth.

There are two different types of stains that can occur on your teeth: the intrinsic, coming from internal sources that are now beyond our control…and the extrinsic, coming from external sources.

With intrinsic stains, the marks or discolour inheres in the teeth so therefore you can’t remove them simply by brushing.

Extrinsic factors, are the ones to watch out for in order to keep your pearly whites  nice and bright! These include food and drink that stains (coffee, wine or acidic foods). Another extrinsic culprit is when you switch between hot to cold foods because the pores in your enamel open and then close, trapping food particles just under the surface (which would encourage the Raw food argument).

Truth: Teeth are not naturally supposed to be bright white white as seen in Hollywood and with age our teeth begin to slowly darken as the dental tissue (dentin), just under the enamel (which determines tooth size and shape) becomes exposed due to erosion and cracks in the surface enamel over time, which is inevitable.

With time as the dentin suffers wear and tear and less dense than enamel, food colors are absorbed more easily adding to the discolouration.

Conclusion: Chewing leafy greens in the raw diet is actually good for your teeth as it allows your mouth to begin the process of remineralisation which will essentially help rebuild the enamel which creates healthy teeth and gums.


Tips: Always have a glass of water after your meals, brush before you eat or drink any acid rich foods and make sure you use a good toothpaste with both baking soda to whiten and Fluoride to help strengthen and prevent dental cavities. 





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