Gold and Metallic Crowns


Crowns that are made partly or wholly from metal are also used in dentistry. Commonly used are porcelain fused to a metal framework (PFM) crowns which combine the aesthetic of a veneering porcelain with the strength of metal internal structure. PFMs are used in selected cases where patients have a need for very thin sections of crowns where there is little space available between opposing teeth or patients have a tendency to heavily grind their teeth.


Gold crowns are still used. Gold is an effective and durable material for the making of crowns, although they resemble a tooth only in shape, certainly not colour. They are used in patients who already have other gold crowns, in patients who are going for a certain look that gold brings or are involved in the rap music industry.

How do I know which crown I need? (Because I like the sound of a CEREC crown)

Similar to fillings, your dentist will assess the tooth and the crown needed. In most cases a CEREC designed and made crown (using E-Max ceramic) is suitable and can be done in one visit. However, cosmetic cases involving front teeth will require off-site lab made crowns. Gold and partial metal crowns also need to be made offsite. Your dentist will discuss with you which option is best for your needs.

How long is the appointment needed for a crown?

For CEREC crowns at Dental Lounge, the single appointment last from 75 minutes to 2 hours depending on the complexity. Most of this time is you watching television, as the crown has to bake in a high temperature oven to achieve maximum strength and colour. If the crown has to be made off-site your will need two appointments of approximately 1 hour each time.

Will it hurt?

As discussed earlier, Dental Lounge endeavours to make your visit as pain free as possible. Our dentists employ happy gas, numbing gel and the Wand injection system (tiny needle and computer controlled delivery) to remove any pain. We also give you frequent breaks if the crown preparation takes time.

What is the cost?

Crowns cost between $1600 and $2100 depending on the type of crown needed. Gold crowns can cost than this. Your dentist will discuss cost before treatment.


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