General Dentistry

Be rest assured that all your dental needs can be met at Dental Lounge. Our expert clinicians have been chosen for their skill, knowledge, caring natures and gentle hands. We pride ourselves on being able to perform all aspects of general dentistry to the highest standard. At Dental Lounge your teeth will be thoroughly examined and you will be quoted before any work is commenced during your consultation.

About General Dentistry

Dental Lounge provides a full range of services catering for all your dental needs. With 6 dentists available at our modern dentist in Sydney, every facet of dentistry is represented. Each dentist strives to provide you with excellence in a general, all encompassing way or via specific attention to any one of your concerns.
Here at Dental Lounge you will be made to feel comfortable, relaxed and assured. Routine examinations and cleans will be treated with the same meticulous attention as dental implants or root canal therapy.

As a specialist general and cosmetic dentist in Sydney, Dental Lounge patients can rest assured they will be provided with the best treatment that skill, technology and caring staff can offer.


  • No needle and no drill.
  • Erbium-Yag laser used for the painless removal of decayed tooth structure.
  • Selectively removes decay and leaves the good tooth unharmed.
  • Anaesthetises the tooth as it works.
  • Increases the bonds of many filling materials.
  • Excellent for children and those who don’t like the dentist.

  • Root canal is the removal of a dead or inflamed tooth nerve and the filling of the nerve space to prevent bacterial ingress.
  • Used to treat severe tooth aches from abscesses or when the nerve is irreversibly inflamed.
  • Usually completed in two to three visits.
  • Single-visit root canal is possible in 30% of cases.
  • Required when there is not enough tooth to support a restoration. This restoration supports the tooth.
  • Root canal treated teeth require crowns to prevent bacterial leakage and fracture.
  • Full coverage of the tooth surface. Highly aesthetic and colour matched to your teeth.
  • We only use all ceramic/porcelain crowns. NO dark lines at the gum margin.

  • Excellent for large fillings, amalgam replacement, broken and cracked teeth.
  • Latest CAD/CAM technology. The tooth is scanned and then the filling is computer designed and manufactured.
  • Extremely strong and durable. Life expectancy 20 years plus.
  • Highly aesthetic, your tooth will look like it has never been touched.
  • Only one visit required, no impressions, and no second needle.

Dental Lounge is an amalgam-free dental practice. Amalgam is toxic, un-aesthetic and can crack teeth.

  • For smaller fillings and fillings in front teeth we use composite resin.
  • Composite resin is tooth coloured, highly aesthetic and non-toxic.
  • Composite resin is not designed for larger fillings in back teeth
  • Caring and gentle dental hygienists
  • We provide a thorough clean and comprehensive oral hygiene instruction.
  • We place a strong emphasis on preventive dentistry.
  • We treat gum disease (periodontitis).


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