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After a thorough examination, investigations using the latest in x-ray technology and discussion about your expectations, a personalised treatment plan will be put together for you by our dental surgeons.

The surgery is normally carried out under sedation and always under local anaesthetic. If required, teeth are extracted and, where possible, the implants are placed immediately. If bone grafting is necessary instead, this is completed to prepare the site for optimal implant placement at a later date.

A healing phase is always necessary and can range from weeks to months, however 3–4 months is usual (complex cases involving bone or soft tissue replacement normally take longer)

Once the implant(s) has fully integrated, impressions are taken and the final crown or bridge is custom designed and fabricated by our expert local technicians to fit your mouth precisely.

Dental Lounge is partnered with the Sydney Implant Institute and is renowned as one of the leading implant practices in Sydney and Australia.

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