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Advanced Zoom teeth whitening





Prices vary between various dentists based on

  • The type of material that has been supplied (hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide)
  • The concentration of the material provided
    (2% all the way to 35%)
  • The number of tubes that has been provided for home whitening
  • The number of cycles in office whitening (one cycle to 4 cycles)

Don’t be fooled with cheap prices. There are always hidden charges when you actually get the procedure done.

Also it is always safer to have a dentist do your whitening (especially the office whitening) as in the dental practice we protect your gums and other tissues such as cheeks and lips from being burned. People who claim to do whitening and are not dental professionals can cause serious damage. There have been multiple cases of severe burns with whitening when not carried out by a dentist.

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