Dentures are a removable option for replacing your missing teeth. There are several different types of dentures available depending on your situation.

Read below for the type of dentures that are available to you at Dental Lounge.

1. Complete dentures are suited for patients who are missing all of their natural teeth. A complete denture functions to restore aesthetics, mastication and speech. They consist of denture base which can be made of either acrylic resin or metal (chrome-cobult, gold or nickel-chrome)  incorporating the denture teeth which mimic the anatomy of natural teeth.

2. Partial dentures are used to replace one or more missing teeth and are retained by the rest of the patient’s natural teeth. The base of the denture can either be metal and acrylic similar to complete dentures.

3. A removable implant retained denture is attached to a permanent dental implant in the gum. These types of dentures overcome the issue of stability which are commonly faces by standard complete dentures, particularly in the lower jaw (mandible).

4. Immediate dentures are inserted immediately after removal of one or several teeth. They may act as a temporary measure to replace the missing teeth while the mouth heals or can be used


Dentures: $500-2000 More Info

Compared to conventional crown retained implant restorations, these dentures are relatively cheaper and bring the added advantage of being removable, therefore allowing ease of maintenance and cleaning for the patient.

Yes these dentures can be refitted or relined to serve as a final prosthesis after healing is completed.

Partial dentures do not harm any of the existing teeth and provide the important advantage of restoring complete function, plus preventing your existing teeth from drifting or tipping into the space created by the missing teeth.

Although metal bases are generally preferred, an acrylic denture is indicated for:

  • Temporary replacement such as following trauma.
  • Where there is inadequate support from a tooth-borne-denture
  • When additions to the denture are likely in the near future.

Generally, metal denture bases are preferred for partial dentures. The advantages of CrCo RPD vs acrylic partial dentures are:

  1. Mental denture is stronger than plastic denture.
  2. Retention of denture is better and will not become loose.
  3. Less bulky and more comfortable in mouth.
  4. Less plaque accumulation on metal than on acrylic therefore less fungi or bacteria accumulation and less infection of gums.
  5. Longer lasting than acrylic dentures.
  6. In maxilla, no coverage of rugae or palate (impact on taste and temperature).
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