Dental Sedation: What Are Your Options
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At Dental Lounge we are wary of the fears patients have when worrying about the pain and discomfort that is associated with visiting the dentist, even for cosmetic dentistry & dental reconstruction which can take many hours to finish.

To maximise your comfort, you may choose to complete procedures under sedation with our medical sedation doctors.

Without the need for putting you under a full general anaesthetic, which requires mechanical ventilation at hospital and has a longer recovery period, our doctors will provide a safe combination of medications, that will make you feel relaxed, sleepy and comfortable. Many of our patients are so comfortable that they choose to take a nap while our team works and wake up after all the hard work is done.

Our sedation fees are partly covered under Medicare and can be claimed back with a rebate.

Further options

For shorter or less extensive treatments, lighter sedation options are available. These options are administered and overseen by our trained staff and include sedative medications taken as a tablet before your appointment, nitrous oxide “happy gas”, or penthrox, the “green whistle”. If you are feeling anxious about your visit or would simply like to discuss the options available, please let our dentists or other staff know before your appointment.

Give us a call to hear and learn more about the sedation options we offer at Dental Lounge: +612 9247 8989



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