Dental Implants
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Dental Implants

HISTORICALLY MISSING TEETH have been replaced with removable dentures and bridges which attach to neighbouring teeth. This may require irreversible work or be damaging to your teeth, especially when things fail, and can be a cause of embarrassment. Dental implants provide definitive solutions that do not need to be removed and, with ceramic crowns, are so close to natural teeth in look and feel that you will often not even notice that they are there.

Why do I need a dental implant?

LOST OR MISSING teeth can cause discomfort, difficulty eating or speaking and unsightly gaps and over time can lead to loss of bone in the jaws and loss of support of adjacent teeth.

Unlike other prosthetics like dentures or bridges which rest on your teeth and gums, dental implants are thoroughly incorporated into the jaw through a process called osseointegration. Through this process, the bone of your jaw grows right into the surface of the firmly fixing the implant in position in the ja.

This means that biting forces, rather than increasing the load and stresses on adjacent teeth or onto the gums, are transferred and dispersed through the jaw. The bone responds and adapts to the forces of biting just like a natural tooth so a dental implant not only looks like, but also feels, performs and responds like a natural tooth.

What types of implants are used at Dental Lounge?

THERE ARE A wide range of implants available on the market, and here at Dental Lounge we pride ourselves on using the top of the range Nobel Biocare implants which undergo stringent quality assurance and control, and are individually checked referenced and tracked. This gives both you and our dental surgeons a guarantee that the quality of the materials we use isnít compromised.

What is the process?

IF OUR DENTISTS recommend that a dental implant is a suitable treatment solution for you then a dental implant treatment may be placed in a single appointment with a crown placed as soon as 3 months later.

Between appointments our dentists will provide you with temporary solutions so that you wonít be without teeth throughout the process.

After an initial examination and consultation, a personalised treatment plan will be put together by our dental surgeons. If required, teeth are extracted and, at the same appointment, implants are placed immediately or, if necessary, bone grafting is completed to prepare the site for optimal implant placement at a future appointment.

Once the implant(s) has fully integrated, a crown or implant retained bridge is designed and fabricated by our dentists and the best local technicians to your specific requirements then fitted by our dentists in a short appointment.

Dental Lounge is partnered with the Sydney Implant Institute and is renowned as one of the leading implant practices in Sydney and Australia.

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