Children’s Dentistry

At Dental Lounge Kids we have created an atmosphere and invested in technology that will make your child’s experience as pleasant and non-threatening as possible.

Our paediatric dentists’ believe that by making early experiences at the dentist good ones we can alleviate a lot of the dental problems and phobias that can occur later in life.

Children's Dentist

Dental Lounge Kids

At Dental Lounge we look after kids, not just their teeth, and believe in providing comprehensive dental care for all ages while making the experience of going to the dentist as fun and stress-free as possible for both kids and parents.

Our staff understands the needs and concerns of children and their developing teeth, from their first baby tooth at 6 months to their wisdom teeth and beyond. Our focus is on providing preventative care to children and helping families establish lifelong habits for dental care. From general checkups and hygiene, to orthodontics, mouthguards for school sport and emergency care,  our staff are highly trained and our surgeries are child-friendly and equipped with the latest technology to ensure that even children that may normally have difficulty at the dentist may be treated with understanding and care.

Dental phobias and anxiety often result from early childhood experiences and here at Dental Lounge Kids we pride ourselves on helping create a lifetime of happy healthy smiles.


At Dental Lounge we are aware that most dental anxiety is centred around pain, most notably dental injections.

We take every measure to ensure local anaesthetic is delivered as painlessly as possible. We use numbing gels to numb the gums prior to the injections. This is usually followed by local anaesthetic delivered with ‘The Wand’.

The Wand which delivers local anaesthetic painlessly avoiding the need for uncomfortable and scary conventional needles. The Wand uses very fine needles and allows the anaesthetic to be delivered through a computer very slowly minimising injection pain.

While kids first teeth or primary teeth are replaced with permanent teeth as they grow and develop, it is important to ensure that good oral care is established early in life which will carry through into adulthood. We learn to care for our teeth when we are very young and these same habits often remain unchanged well into adulthood.

Infection and decay in baby teeth, not only cause discomfort and pain for both kids and their parents, but can also affect the developing permanent teeth leading to problems as they grow and erupt into the mouth. Early decay and loss of primary teeth can lead crowding, misalignment and can even affect jaw development, facial shape and proportions.

We recommend that children have their first visit when their baby teeth come in, as early as 6-12 months old. This allows our dentists, hygienists and parents to work together to care for kids’ developing teeth, get kids comfortable with the dentist early on and provide the best possible and a healthy foundation for a lifetime of dental and oral health.

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