Cerec Filling
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Cerec Filling

CEREC FILLING or crown is a high strength, highly aesthetic ceramic restoration that is used to replace tooth structure lost to decay or fracture or to shape, re-form and align teeth. CEREC fillings are individually designed and made in a single appointment by our highly trained and experienced dentists using the latest CAD-CAM (Computer Aided Design and manufacture) software, equipment and techniques.

What are the advantages of CEREC restorations?

CEREC CERAMICS PERFORM better than conventional filling materials in the long-term, as they have lower failure rates and require replacement less frequently or even at all if maintained properly. CEREC restorations also maintain their appearance over time as they are less susceptible to wear, staining and fracture.

Why a CEREC filling or crown?

FILLINGS ON BACK teeth are subject to heavy biting forces and are often large, having to replace large sections of tooth structure lost to decay or fracture. Other conventional materials are weaker or have less predictable properties and bonds to tooth structure in these conditions. This means that they may separate from the tooth, wear or break causing weak areas that allow microbes to penetrate underneath the filling. This leads to tooth or filling fracture, recurrent decay and the need to replace fillings more often, increasing in size each time and increasing the risk of tooth fracture or infection of the dental pulp.

What is the procedure?

IN A SINGLE appointment, our dentists will remove any decay in your tooth, then shape and prepare the tooth for the ceramic filling. A digital scan is then taken of your teeth to create a 3D model, which is used to design the filling in the CEREC software.

Our dentists will select a shade with you that matches or enhances your natural teeth and can add highlights, shading or even stains to make your filling blend in seamlessly. Your individualised CEREC filling is made right there and then and placed at the same appointment avoiding the need to wait and come back for multiple appointments.

Our dentists are highly trained and experienced in working with CEREC technology and will happily talk you through the different treatment options.

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