What to expect: What to eat


When you leave the surgery you will still be numb for a few hours until the local anaesthetic wears off.

Avoid hot foods and drinks while you are numb.  When you are drinking liquids always drink from a glass and avoiding drinking with a straw.  The sucking motion when a straw is used can dislodge the blood clot and cause the bleeding to start again.

For the first day you should stick to a diet of soft foods that do not require much chewing.  Each day after you can advance your diet to what is tolerable, remembering to keep up a nutritious diet.

During your first few days after surgery your quantity of food will be limited, so it is very important to keep up a high fluid intake to prevent dehydration.  Avoid skipping meals, as you will feel better and have more strength and heal faster if you continue to eat regularly.

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