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Invisalign Braces

Invisalign and Orthodontics

  • The invisible alternative to braces
  • Teeth moved by wearing invisible retainers
  • Retainers changed every 2 weeks, you see us every 6 weeks.
  • Gentle and not painful
  • You see computer generated final result before you start

Before & After Photos

Occlusal Mandibular

Occlusal Mandibular

Before and after of the occlusal mandibular invisalign treatment.

Occlusal Maxillary

Occlusal Maxillary

Before and after of the occlusal maxillary invasalign treatment.

Invisalign Full - $8000

  • Usually 7-12 months
  • Can treat almost all cases
  • Free whitespeed zoom teeth whitening, usually $595.
  • Paid off over the duration of treatment

Invisalign Lite - $6500

  • Usually 4-8 months
  • Good for less difficult cases
  • Excellent for orthodontic relapse
  • Paid off over duration of treatment

Why Choose Us?

  • All our Invisalign dentists are fully accredited and keep up to date with training
  • All our dentists are at least gold level Invisalign providers.
  • Free Zoom teeth whitening for full cases.
  • We do free fixed retention to prevent relapse.
  • We have cosmetic dentists on site to ensure optimal final result

New Orthodontics at Dental Lounge

Patients of all ages now have the treatment option of straightening their teeth with orthodontics at the Dental Lounge Hunters Hill.

Having always offered Invisalign, Dental Lounge Hunters Hill now offers conventional style braces.

Dr Farrington is enrolled in the World's number 1 Orthodontic Continuing Education Program. 

Individual Orthodontics is a customised, world-class orthodontic treatment designed with personalised brackets and arch forms. This increases predictability and patient satisfaction in an efficient and speedy fashion. For more information on Individual Orthodontics, visit